[Mods are W.I.P] Colonization is a remake/tribute to the long long IOS board game "New World: Colony" by 82apps. Note: we have permission from 82apps.

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Set up a basic mod

This guide will teach you how to make a mod for Colonization!

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So, before we get started you will need:

  • Knowledge of the LUA programming language
  • An enviroment to work in
  • and a copy of the game(for testing)

Step 1, setting up the enviroment.

First of all, subscribe to This mod, it is an empty mod and your working enviroment, it only contains a ModLoader.lua, wich is the initial file. It is stored in {installDir}/Colonization_Data/Mods/1456168_{something}. In here you should only find a file called ModLoader.lua, open this directory in Visual Studio Code or your editor of choice, if you cannot open the directory, no worries.

Step 2, testing the mod.

So, you've come this far, now, we'll get it to do something, so, what you want to do, is to disable the Base mod(optional) via Main Menu/Mods/Collection, then click the green "Enabled" button on the Base mod. This is to get a clean enviroment. If you now run the game and press "L" to open the log, you should be presented with something like this:

The log window

This is great! It indicated that the mod 1456168(Empty Mod) is being loaded! Now open up that ModLoader.lua and lets write some code, shall we?

In the file you should see the following:

--Add code here

This is the empty file, no worries. Let's replace that text with something a bit more interesting, ok? But first i just want to explain how Colonization handles output.

The output

Colonization doesnt work with the standard print and error functions, instead it uses Log, Error and Warn, these 3 functions then get printed to the console and shows a small popup in the corner. The error function also works.

Alright, so, let's get started with someting so simple as Hello World, ok? This is simple, just replace the code in the file with

Log("Hello World!");

And then when you run, and open the log you should see something simmilar to this:

screenshot 2021 11 01 091800

Great! It logged something! Your mod works! Now, there are more functions to cover, but i'll do that in another guide later!

Cheers, Jimmy(a.k.a khhs)


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